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Meet Ines Sainz: Not Just a Pretty Face

Prior to this past weekend, the only people who knew the name Ines Sainz were Spanish-speaking sports fans and men who read the magazine FHM. Now she is a household name because of alleged harassment she received by players and coaches of the New York Jets. But just who is Ines Sainz?

Well, let's start with the basics. According to online biographies, Ines was born in Mexico in 1978. She is married, and is the mother of three children -- a six-year-old daughter and twin boys who were born nearly two years ago.

But here's the unexpected part -- Ines is far from the airhead bimbo portrayed in the media. Sainz has a law degree from the Universidad del Valle de Mexico, as well as a masters in tax law from the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro.

Ines has been a sports reporter for TV Azteca for 10 years, where, let's face it, she has gotten far more attention for her body than her mind. FHM named her the fifth sexiest female reporter of 2010, and the stream of pictures that have surfaced over the past few days has shown, she is not shy about flaunting her physical assets. She routinely shows up for work in tight, revealing outfits and has done such "journalistic pieces" as measuring players' biceps and riding around on linemen's shoulders.

She was wearing one of these outfits -- skin-tight jeans and a clingy white blouse -- when she visited Jets camp to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez on Saturday. Many critics say this choice of attire is to blame for the unwanted attention she received.

This "blaming the victim" is reprehensible, but Ines didn't help her case much when she made a round of TV interview appearances on Tuesday to defend herself, wearing a black shirt that was strategically unbuttoned to afford a clear view of her cleavage.

The old adage "sex sells" is obviously at play here. And that is a fine adage for people (men included) who don't have much to offer in the brains department. But that is apparently not the case for Ines Sainz.

You'd think she would have learned that lesson in law and business school.


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