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Ines Sainz: Far from Innocent Victim, but Doesn't Deserve Abuse

Reporter Ines Sainz claims she was harassed by members of the New York Jets football team when she went to interview their quarterback, Mark Sanchez. The curvy journalist, who bears the nickname "The Hottest Reporter in Mexico," said the football players' catcalls and attention made her feel uncomfortable.

A member of the Opposing Views fan page on Facebook had this to say:

"[Sainz] got what she attention. This is the worst kind of vanity. She went looking for this...and when she got it....she played the victim. "Oh poor me...I'm too hot...and I can't help it!" Bull****! just another vain, vapid woman pretending to be modest."

It's true that Sainz has created a public persona based around the way she looks. She wears tight clothing that shows off her curves, and she posed nude for a magazine earlier this year. The outfit she wore to interview Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez - tight jeans and a white shirt - was definitely designed to showcase her body. She's using her physical beauty to sell her abilities as a journalist.

It's hard to say for sure, however, what level of attention Sainz was looking to attract. To say she "wanted" to receive catcalls is treading dangerously close to the "she was asking for it" rape defense.

Even if she'd thrown herself at the football players, that would be no excuse for them to behave inappropriately toward her in their workplace. Sure, it's very hard for a straight man to resist a beautiful woman, especially her appearance seems to welcome attention, but it's always best to behave in a gentlemanly manner, no matter the level she stoops to.

As professional athletes, these men should also know that some women will use their sexuality to entrap them -- and they should always be on their best behavior.

Yes, Sainz probably should have dressed a little more modestly when going to interview a team of men in their sexual prime, especially in a lockerroom where men are exposed. That, however, doesn't give those men an excuse to make her feel uncomfortable. It's a confusing situation, but as professionals, and as gentlemen, they should be able to rise above it and behave appropriately.


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