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Ines Sainz Blasts Assoc. for Women in Sports Media

Ines Sainz, the sports reporter who was allegedly harassed in the New York Jets locker room earlier this month, is now criticizing the group that defended her.

In a column for El Universal with the unfortunate title "My September 11th in New York," Sainz bashes the Association for Women in Sports Media. 

The AWSM filed a complaint on Sainz's behalf without ever asking her if she wanted the Association to do it. She writes:

"Today I wonder why a well respected association such as the AWSM, within its right to inform about any violations of work conditions for its members, acted so impulsively.

“Considering that the AWSM was in fact worried about the event and about my integrity as a woman and newsperson, why did I never receive a call from them, and why were all these deeds denounced [by the AWSM] with such certainty?”

Sainz also said she was unhappy with the way the media covered the incident, saying that it set back the women's rights movement by "at least 50 years."

Of course, many critics say it is Sainz who is setting back the women's rights movement with her revealing, unprofessional outfits, perpetuating the myth that women should be valued only for their looks rather than their minds.


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