Indy 500 Fans Say ABC Sports Ruined Broadcast with Wife, Girlfriend Shots

Racing fans and sports journalists are griping about how the Indianapolis 500 coverage was ruined yesterday by ABC Sports (and its cable network ESPN).

For reasons unknown, ABC Sports used a split-screen toward the end of the race, which showed a girlfriend and a wife of two drivers.

U.S. viewers watched the reactions of Ryan Hunter-Reay's wife and Helio Castroneves' girlfriend, but the international broadcast of the race did not include the women, noted Deadspin.com.

According to The Daily Gazette, ABC Sports finally went to a full screen during the final lap in which Ryan Hunter-Reay squeaked ahead of Helio Castroneves to win.

According to Deadspin.com, many race fans expressed their displeasure on Twitter:

That was piss poor coverage of great race by @ABCNetwork / @espn splitting the screen with the wife and girlfriend crap. #PissPoor #Indy500

I don't watch Indy 500 to see how driver's wife/girlfriend feels. Don't reduce my big screen to split screen for final 3 laps of tight race.

ABC sports; Where showing you the wife/girlfriend of the race winner is more important than showing the actual Indy 500.

Sources: Deadspin.com and The Daily Gazette


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