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Ignore the Noise: Broncos Won't Move Tim Tebow

There are rumors quickly spreading that the Denver Broncos may trade or cut second year quarterback Tim Tebow, which is alarming many fans in Denver. The rumors are unsound however, as can be observed below:

  • Head Coach John Fox, Vice President John Elway and General Manager Brian Xanders all have supported Tebow, and continue to do so. They simply told teams inquiring about Tebow to make them "an offer they couldn't refuse", which is a far cry from placing him on the trading block.
  • Tebow has only started in three games during his career (performing well in all three), and has not yet had the reps needed for him to be named the starter. He's simply not ready, but that doesn't mean Denver has given up on him. Tebow is a work on progress, the media just wants to speed things up and have Tebow become either the starter or a bust. At the moment, he is neither.
  • Following this season, starting quarterback Kyle Orton and back-up Brady Quinn will be free agents; Tebow will have three years and $6,798,750 (just over $6.7 million dollars) left on his contract. Denver will have to make some decisions at the quarterback position following this year, and they have plenty of time to do so -- after all, it's still just the preseason.
  • Denver will continue to evaluate Tebow and give him his due opportunities. In the game of football, you never know when your name will be called, and Tebow will be ready. This season teams will be allowed to dress three quarterbacks, so as the 3rd or 2nd QB, Tebow will be available in case Orton -- who's missed at least one start the past three seasons -- goes down with an injury or performs poorly.

Aswas noted above, it's just the preseason. As of now, Tebow is the third string quarterback on Denver's roster and there are no legitimate indications that he will be leaving that roster any time soon.


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