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If You Don’t Like Knicks' Jeremy Lin, You’re Probably an Awful Person

It wasn’t just predictable. It was more than that. It was inevitable. Much in the same way that a rollercoaster has to come down after going up, folks had to start bashing New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin a cool two seconds after everyone noticed how awesome he was.

Linsanity? More like Lamesanity… right? Right? Right?

No, wrong.

Buzz Bissinger and a host of other likeminded rebels are apparently tired of the non-stop media coverage that’s been directed Lin’s way as of late. To them, the fact that he’s been getting some love from ESPN and various news sites over a span of eight whole days is a bad thing.

For Bissinger, specifically, eight days of talking about athletes is eight days that should have been spent talking about something far more important – like his impact on the world.

Here is a tip for those who think that Lin gets too much airtime on ESPN – stop watching ESPN ten hours per day.

Lin began getting some attention on February 2 of this year when he scored 25 points versus the New Jersey Nets. Since then, the media coverage has intensified because he’s proceeded to score 28, 23, 38 and 20 points in games where he’s led his Knicks to victory. And he’s done it sans the team’s two biggest stars, by the way.

Before Lin’s explosion New York was 1-5 in their prior six games and slowly treading through a really disappointing year. Head coach Mike D’Antoni was using the timeouts of these excruciatingly awful outings to plot the fastest course out of town, and the Knicks were once again being largely overshadowed by the Big Apple’s lone winning franchise.

In eight days, even if it winds up just being for eight days, Lin made basketball in New York matter again. He made the seemingly dead Knicks the same type of must-see attraction that they were when Carmelo Anthony first rode in on his white horse.

That’s why Lin deserves the credit he’s been getting and then some.

Lin has been alive for roughly 8,500 days. He’s gotten extensive media coverage from ESPN for eight of those days. Try to remember the bigger picture when you whine about how oversaturated sports news is with Linsanity updates. 

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