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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Top 10

This time last year Evan Turner was almost a #1 lock and people were making comparisons to Dwayne Wade. Shows how early season predictions really mean jack. Nevertheless, I thought I'd throw together a top 10 based on current standings and current form:

1) LA Clippers: Kyle Irving, Duke.
This year will be the first in a while where the best PG doesn't come out of Kansas. That... or Josh Selby better start improving fast. Irving is not super quick, but is a past first point guard. This is exactly what LAC need as they rebuild with shooters and interior scorers in abounds. Irving has looked for his own shot a lot at times this season already and is copping much criticism for that.
However, I believe that has more to do with the unathletic players around him and often having to get the job done himself. He still averages ~ 6apg in college ball which is pretty amazing in such a selfish system.

2) Sacramento Kings: Harrison Barnes, North Carolina.
If the Kings land Barnes this could be a case of getting the best bang for your buck 3 years running. The Clippers have a SF in Aminu and need a PG/C more so Barnes could fall to two even though he is arguably the #1 in the pool. This would be great for the Kings on another level as well - they could finally end the Omri Casspi/Donte Green experiment. Barnes is better than both, already, and

would allow these two commodities to be traded away for value in return.

3) Minnesota: Enes Kanter, Turkey.
This guy could go #1 and people wouldn't bat an eye lid. If you saw the McDonalds Invitational last year you would have seen this guy dominate everyone, from everwhere, on both ends of the floor.
He's a legit 7 footer, built like a tank, and an all-round player thanks to his experience in the international game. With Love, Beaseley, Johnson, Rubio, and now Kanter, the T-Wolves would start to harken memories of 1996 when a young team started taking the NBA by storm.

4) Detroit Pistons: Perry Jones, Baylor.
I this guy fell this far to a team like Detroit they'd wet their pants. Secretly they'd be hoping for Kanter, and with Sullingers fall from grace, this kid is the current "big" thing. Placing him alongside Monroe would hold the Pistons in good stead for the coming seasons.

Another possibility here would be Terrence Jones, as his SF eligibility would fit the Pistons gaping need once Prince leaves. All that said, if Jones stock keeps going the way it is and he's still on the board he could be too good to ignore. Same with Kanter if available.

5) New Jersey Nets: Terrence Jones, Kentucky.
This will sound like a cop out, but all of this hinges on Melo. If he does indeed bring his trade to NJN then expect Sullinger to go here to replace Favors. If not, Terrence Jones is the logical choice. That said, Avery Johnson is not a logical man - he feels things - and he was a PG himself. He doesn't like Devin Harris or Troy Murphy so he may swing for the fences in trade and try and nad Anthony or the like, leaving a void at PG. In such an instance Josh Selby would almost certainly get the gong for no reason other than maturity.

Knight/Walker are still 18 year olds and play that way - Selby is 20 and has a decent head on his shoulders... something Johnson will look for.

6) Philadelphia 76ers: Jared Sullinger, Ohio State.
Almost the hands down #1 pick at the seasons start, Sullinger has found it hard adjusting to being the go to guy. Most people have faith in Sullinger though, as he plays well on the big stage and has a bright future (ala Favors). With Elton Brand almost certainly traded away at some point for a bag of chips, there will be a void in Philly that will need filling and at pick #6, Sullinger is a nice investment.  I could also see Collins stretching for Vesley here too as he loves his shooting bigs.

7) Washington Wizards: Jan Vesley, Czech Republic.
This could change in a similar manner to NJN as Arenas' movement could spell different needs come June 2011. However, given their future of Wall and McGee, Vesley makes a lot of sense as a stretch big in the mold of Galinari/Kukoc. It also allows for a switch in tactics between Blatche and Vesley making it tough on opposition defenses.

8) Houston Rockets: Chris Singleton, Florida State.
The Rockets need everything other than a PG.  Singleton is upside all day long and if developed properly, could become a poor mans Trevor Ariza but better (if that makes sense...).

Plenty of other options here but on talent and upside Singleton is hard to ignore.

9) Charlotte Bobcats: -----. Who knows????
Seriously this could be where the real hard choices start occuring.  Players like Brandon Knight, CJ Leslie, Kemba Walker and Donatus Montejunas are all still available and the Bobcats could use all of them to some extent.  Even Patric Young, the player dubbed Dwight Howard 2.0 could go here with Jordan in charge of the picking.

Your guess here is as good as mine.

10) Cleveland Cavaliers: Kemba Walker, UConn.
Sessions + Williams + Gibson = no more PG's right?

Yeah... but I'd take umbridge and suggest that none of the above 3 are PG's anyway. Plus we've seen Williams play as a SG and he's not that bad, so drafting the prodigious Walker here may be a great investment. Also consider that, once all the LeBron hate has passed, Dan Gilbert may realise he went and overspent on a bunch of duds and look to either trade them for pokemon cards, or simply buy them out and start again. If rebuilding, Walker would be a good PG to start with


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