Does Jamir Miller Hurt NFLPA CARD’s Image?

Our coverage of Josh Luchs is not quite over yet.  When Luchs started in the business, he learned that a good tactic for gaining a solid stable of clients was to pick a school and become “the agent” at that institution.  Rosenhaus has the University of Miami.  Luchs had UCLA.

One of the UCLA Bruins that Luchs signed was Jamir Miller.  Miller was the #10 overall pick in the 1994 NFL Draft.  Not surprisingly, Miller was one of the few players named in the popular Sports Illustrated piece, who declined to comment on Luchs’ allegations.  Luchs claims that Miller accepted money before signing a representation agreement.

I am not surprised with Miller’s silence, since the same Jamir Miller went on to become one of the five members on the NFLPA Committee on Agent Regulations and Discipline (CARD) after his playing days were finished.  As mentioned last week, the NFLPA has the power to take action against agents right now through CARD and the NFLPA Regulations Governing Contract Advisors.

CARD has the ability to revoke or suspend an agent’s Certification.  Was it a conflict of interest for Miller to have been a member of CARD if it is found that he did take money from the type of agent that CARD is supposed to find and kick out of its club?  I say “did”, because I do not think that Miller is still a member of CARD.  In fact, it seems that he has moved on to launch a line of potato chips called “Crave”.

This article originally appeared on the Sports Agent Blog.


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