If Career Ends: Brett Favre Has Solidified Spot Among NFL Stars


Aside from the drama.

The multiple retirements and the countless press conferences.

Putting all of this trivial hoopla out of sight, out of mind.

Brett Favre, without playing a down next season, would be on the first ballot to Canton, Ohio.

He is a special talent.

And while I believe the comeback kid will come back for his 21st and final season, it's never too early to assess the legacy of the games greats.

So where does he stand in terms of the best quarterbacks to ever lace em' up?

Lets start with...

Number 10

Terry Bradshaw

Not great statistics, not exactly glaring and flashy numbers across the board. But there is something to be said about a quarterback that shows an ability to win in any situation.

Passing for 27,989 yards, throwing for 212 touchdowns, on a 57% completion percentage isn't exactly terrible but 4 Super bowl rings is enough to get this guy on any list, although I do realize that his personal accomplishments aren't the true reason he is here.

He was a leader, a team player, and a clutch performer.

That is why he is on this list.

Number 9

Fran Tarkenton

47,003 passing yards (6th all-time), 342 touchdowns (3rd), and an 80.4 quarterback rating. 

Obviously one of the best quarterbacks statistically, but he lacks the playoff success (6-5 all-time) and is without a championship ring to solidify his personal achievements.

Number 8

John Elway

Everyone will remember him for "The Drive". But those that go back to look at his stamp on the game, will remember his scrambles, his hail marys, and his clutch, cold blooded late game heroics.

John Elway led his team to 47 fourth quarter comebacks, one of which was "the drive".

He threw for 300 touchdowns, 51,475 yards, 33 rushing touchdowns , and 3,407 rushing yards.

Number 7

Tom Brady

Even though I do believe that Tom Brady will go down as a top 3 quarterback, but I don't think he is quite there yet. He is young and he already has those three championship rings to back him up.

He has thrown for 30,844 yards, 225 touchdowns, in 10 seasons.

Like I said earlier, this guy is going to move up the list very rapidly, but he is not there yet.

Number 6

Steve Young

Career numbers of 232 touchdowns/107 interceptions, 33,124 yards, 43 rushing touchdowns, and an all time quarterback rating of 96.8.

Most will remember him for his impromptu scrambles and his late game heroics, but what we should all remember is that he changed how the quarterback position was played.

Even if you think that you quarterback should stay in the pocket, he opened the door for others.

And he won three championships.

A very good quarterback to say the least.

Number 5

Johnny Unitas

I have seen lists that rank him anywhere from 7th to 2nd and each position I believe has a viable opinion behind it.

One thing that cannot be debated is his three Championship rings.

His leadership on the field made the players around him better and he didn't disappear in the clutch.

He showed up for every play of every game and should be remembered as one of the best quarterbacks of all time.

Unitas threw for 290 touchdowns/253 interceptions, 40,239 yards, and an all time quarterback rating of 78.2.

Number 4

Peyton Manning

He is on pace to become the best quarterback of all-time.

On pace to become the leagues all-time leader in passing yards, passing touchdowns, and an efficient one at that.

He has already thrown for 50,128 yards, 366 touchdowns/181 interceptions, and a passer rating of 95.2.

Peyton Manning has brought the quarterback position back to its 'grass roots' drop back passer origins. He can make any throw on the field and he is a proven winner with a Super Bowl XLI championship ring.

Number 3

Dan Marino

All time best. He dominated the league on each statistical category for nearly his entire career and was an excellent leader on the field. The only thing that is holding him back is his lack of a Super Bowl Championship win under his name.

His numbers are spectacular. Dan Marino threw for 61,361 yards, 420 touchdowns/252 interceptions, and a career 86.4 passer rating.

Number 2

Brett Favre

The Iron Man of football.

Whether you hate his guts or you just wish he would play forever, there is one thing that never varies. Brett is a winner.

Brett Favre played through many injuries that others would cringe at. He has played through emotional stress and was able to overcome it.

The game after his father had passed away was a thing of legends. He may not make the best decisions on the field and he may not be the tallest, biggest, or strongest, but his heart makes up for his physical inefficiencies.

Brett has thrown for 69,329 yards, 497 touchdowns/317 interceptions, and a career passer rating of 86.6.

Number 1

Joe Montana

The all-time greatest.

Every great player in any sport possesses one innate quality that other players lack and that quality is what puts them head and shoulders above all others.

A killer instinct.

Joe Montana was a player that didn't let anything get in the way of winning. He wasn't afraid to take his team on his shoulders and run with it.

He made plays late in games, his blood was as cold as ice, and he played under control in every scenario he found himself in.

Joe Montana is what you want out of your quarterback.

He threw for 40,551 yards, 273 touchdowns/139 interceptions, and a career passer rating of 92.3.

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