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I’ll Have Another Retires a Day Before Belmont Stakes, Won’t Compete for Triple Crown

Breathe easy, Affirmed fans – your horse’s mark will remain intact for one more year.  

I’ll Have Another, the three-year-old thoroughbred that managed to win both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness in 2012, will not compete for the Triple Crown at Saturday’s Belmont Stakes. That’s the mildly shocking announcement that was made by trainer, Doug O’Neill, during a Friday interview with nationally syndicated radio host, Dan Patrick.

“I’ll Have Another is officially out of the Belmont,” O’Neill said.

While the exact story surrounding I’ll Have Another’s problems remains somewhat murky at this time, O’Neill indicated that the problem was related to the colt’s left hind leg. He then said that it would probably never race again.

Even though the Belmont Stakes is always pretty newsworthy, there was a whole new level of media attention directed at this year’s running because I’ll Have Another looked to be on the verge of doing something last done in 1978. 

Clearly, that's no longer in the cards.

I’ll Have Another was undefeated this year.

Despite this bit of somber news, a total of some 120,000 people are still expected at tomorrow’s event.

(Kudos Bloomberg)

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