Hundreds of Soccer Fans Brawl, One Man Thrown in River, Dies (Video)


Hundreds of fans of the Atletico Madrid and Deportivo La Coruna soccer teams staged a massive brawl in Madrid, Spain, on Sunday before the two teams took the field.

The melee (video below) included chairs and firecrackers, which resulted in head injuries, knife wounds and one death.

Deportivo fan Francisco Taboada was assaulted by the mob and tossed into the Manzanares River (video below).

After firefighters pulled Taboada out of the river, he was taken to a local hospital where he died hours later. However, the game went on as scheduled, reports the Associated Press.

Police have cellphone videos that show the beating of Taboada but have not arrested anyone yet, noted

Atletico Madrid has banned all members of Frente Atletico, the team's largest fan group (ultras), from its stadium.

"As a result of the extremely serious incidents, the club created a special commission with the aim of fact finding and taking relevant action," Atletico Madrid said in a statement, reports "This decision was taken when we received the police report identifying those arrested and involved in the mass brawl as being members of the 'Frente Atletico'."

Professional League of Spanish Football president Javier Tebas went one step further by calling for the banning of all ultras from the games.

"This is the end of the ultras," said Tebas, according to "We're going to eradicate them from Spanish football."

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