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Hundreds of Migrant Workers Preparing Qatar for World Cup Have Died (Video)

The 2022 World Cup will be played in Qatar where more than 500 Indian migrant workers have reportedly died while building new infrastructure since January 2012.

The Guardian reports that the Indian embassy in Doha, Qatar says that 237 Indian workers died in 2013, 241 died in 2013 and 24 died in January 2014 (video below).

In January, The Guardian reported about Nepalese workers who work for little or no pay (video below). More than 400 Nepalese workers have died in Qatar since 2012.

According to the BBC, the Indian foreign ministry said that the "overwhelming number" of Indian migrant deaths were from natural causes.

Ali Bin Sumaikh al-Marri, head of Qatar's National Human Rights Committee, claimed the high numbers of death were "normal."

"Indians make up the largest community in Qatar... twice the number of Qatari nationals," al-Marri told the AFP on Wednesday. "If we look at the numbers of Qataris who died... of natural causes... over the past two years, we see that numbers of deaths among the Indian community are normal."

However, Nicholas McGeehan, a researcher for Human Rights Watch, counters: "These figures for Indian deaths are a horrendous confirmation that it isn't just Nepalese workers who are dying in Qatar."

Both Amnesty International and the International Trade Union Confederation have warned of inhumane working conditions of the migrants and predict thousands of more deaths before the 2022 World Cup.

Sources: BBC, AFP, The Guardian, Amnesty International


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