2011 NBA Mock Draft: Who Should Lakers Pick?


After I figured that Brian Shaw would be the best option for the Lakers' coaching vacancy, the team went on to hire Mike Brown as the next coach.

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Now onto the next way to fix the Los Angeles Lakers for the 2011-2012 season: The NBA Draft.

The team has the picks for #41, #46, #56, and #58 in a two-round draft of 30 picks per draft. This means that the Lakers have very low picks.

Who should the Lakers draft in a relatively weak class?

If you ask me, go for serviceable bigs that can replace Derrick Caracter. This person should be able to put in the efforts to defend the opponent's big men and rebound on the offensive glass.

I believe this was sorely missed with the aging Theo Ratliff and Joe Smith coming off the bench to spell the frontline starters.

Some names that come to mind in the draft:

  • Kenneth Faried
  • Jordan Williams
  • Rick Jackson
  • Willie Reed
  • DeAngelo Castro
  • Greg Smith
  • Keith Benson

The common denominator among the names I listed is that they are all big men who are active on the defensive and rebounding ends.

If the Lakers pick majority of those scrappy bigs, I think they're on the right path to replace Derrick Caracter.

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