How Serious is Jon Jones' Arm Injury?

Trainer Greg Jackson has finally provided an update on UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones. This past weekend, Jones was caught in a deep armbar by Vitor Belfort, and said he felt something pop in his arm during the post-fight interview.

"It didn't dislocate or anything," said Jackson, in an interview with Sherdog.com. "I'm sure it's just strained, and maybe a bursa sac or two went out, but I don't think it's going to be anything major."

Jackson said that he trained Jones for Belfort to try an armbar, adding, "It was incredibly quick, and that's a testament to Vitor's skill. He caught Jon, and Jon was able to work out of it."

Jones was given an indefinite medical suspension, but that can be lifted with clearance from a doctor.

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