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Punish USC Now? How Disfunctional is the NCAA?

I cannot believe how ridiculously disfunctional that group is.

After all the offending players and coaches are gone, the NCAA finally gets around to punishing USC? Great. The coaches and all the players involved plunder and pillage the joint, head for the hills and then someone else gets punished.

That’s like you embezzling money from your company, leaving for a better job and your replacement getting sent to prison. It’s a serious joke. They’re going to have to figure out a way to investigate and prosecute these things a lot quicker or why even bother?

We can investigate and prosecute murderers quicker than we can solve the riddle of a booster giving college kids money under the table?

And I love these penalties for lack of academic progress. Ken Bone coaches basketball at Portland State, uses it to get his dream job at Washington State and then Tyler Geving replaces Bone and has to pay the penalty for Bone’s lack of attention to APR.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Not that I buy into that APR stuff. I never have. I had a son go to college with financial aid for sports. Never, NEVER, would I hold a coach or an athletic director responsible for my son’s academic progress. Nope, we hand young people a scholarship, tutors, advice on which classes to take — and then we don’t hold them responsible for their own success or failure in school? That’s ridiculous.

Coaches are hired to win games. Period. And a whole lot of their “student-athletes” attend college only to play ball. So what? They have no choice, in many cases – it’s the standard, accepted path to their goal of playing pro sports.

Let’s climb down off that high horse and get real about how semi-professional these sports really are, OK?

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