How Awful Has Brett Favre Been in 2010?

Last season was magical for Brett Favre, as everything seemed to go his way. In the 2009 regular season, Favre accumulated +3.08 WPA, good for fifth in the league. That's an average of +0.19 WPA per game, meaning his performance would take an average team from a 50/50 team to almost a 70/30 team. That's impressive for an athlete of any age.

This season is different. Injuries and distractions appear to have taken their toll. Through week 7, Favre ranks a very distant last in total WPA, with -1.89, nearly three times worse than the next worst passer. That's -0.32 WPA per game. He's behind Trent Edwards, Jay Cutler, Matt Moore, Jimmy Clausen, Max Hall--everyone.

It's not just bad timing or bad luck in high leverage situations, either. Over his six games, he's responsible for -20 EPA, which is basically net point (dis)advantage. He's 5th worst in Success Rate (SR) among qualified QBs, meaning he's consistently bad, and not just a victim of a handful of high impact plays.

Everyone knows Favre isn't doing well, and we don't need fancy stats to tell us that. But when we  actually quantify just how bad his play has been so far, it's eye-popping. If he were anyone else, he'd be benched.


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