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How Long Will it Take Manny Pacquiao to Knock Out Marquez?

The Manny Pacquiao versus Juan Manuel Marquez fight scheduled for November 12 at the MGM Grand promises to be entertaining on a number of levels. Because most have already accepted that Pacquiao will dominate his opponent for the duration as soon as the opening bell rings, the majority of discussions seem to center more around precisely when and not if the Filipino champion will knock Marquez out.

Some have opted to mathematically figure out how much Pacquiao stands to make per round on November 12. Others, like conditioning coach Alex Ariza have gone so far as to say that Pacquiao will wreck his opponent – though he refused to venture a guess on when. Some have taken to wondering whether or not Marquez’s decision to drink urine will change the dynamics of when the knockout will come. Others, like Angelo Dundee, wagered that somehow, amazingly, Pacquiao will fall to the underdog on the evening of that fateful fight.

Well, it appears as though two-time champion Gerry Peñalosa has decided to get in on the action. In an interview with Dong Secuya of, Peñalosa offered these tidbits on the upcoming match:

“Manny Pacquiao now is a lot different fighter than the Manny Pacquiao before… Manny is now a complete fighter,” Peñalosa said “Manny fights with both of his hands. Before, he was just using jab, [and a] straight. But now it's different. [That’s] the first reason why Marquez will be having a hard time for this fight.

“Manny is no longer a stranger in his weight… he already fought on this weight many times in contrast with Marquez who fights on this weight for the first time this year,” Peñalosa concluded.

So, with all of that in mind, what was Peñalosa’s final prediction for the match?

“My fearless forecast is anytime between 1-6 rounds [Marquez will get knocked out].”

Amazingly enough, Peñalosa’s “forecast” is perfectly in line with what just about everyone else is predicting.

Last week Top Rank head honcho Bob Arum came out and publicly discussed the financial aspects involved with the fight. He dismissed the notion that somehow the November 12 match wasn’t highly anticipated because of its predictable end result by pointing out that the PPV buy estimates for this bout were massive, and that the vast majority of sitting space was sold out.

Weigh in below. Do you  agree with Peñalosa? How many rounds does it take for Pacquiao to knock out Marquez?


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