Bad Idea: Omar Infante Being Voted Into the MLB All Star Game

Somebody please explain this to me. How is Omar Infante a National League All-Star and Joey Votto is not? Votto is batting .312, which ranks fifth in the NL. Infante is batting .309, but doesn’t even have enough at-bats to qualify for the batting title.

Votto’s 19 home runs rank second, his 57 runs batted in are tied for fifth in the league, his .412 on-base percentage and his .572 slugging percentage rank third, and his 163 total bases rank fourth.

Now let’s look at Infante. First off, he has played in just 57 games and has just 165 at-bats. In comparison, Votto has played in 77 games and has 285 at-bats. Infante has one home run and 22 RBI.

He has been a valuable utility guy for the first place Braves. That goes without question. But, you’d have to be drunk or high off permanent markers to honestly believe that he is more deserving than Votto or even fellow Brave, Troy Glaus.

Votto is arguably the best player on a first place Reds team. This thing will probably work itself out and he will make the team, but still how is Omar Infante on the NL all-star team?

Braves’ General Manager Frank Wren called Infante at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday to tell him the good news. Here is what was going through Infante’s mind.

“I got a call from Frank Wren, and the first thought I had was that I got traded,” Infante said through an interpreter. “I was kind of nervous and choked up. By the time Frank told me I was going to the All-Star game, I thought he was joking around. It took, like, five minutes for me to realize I’m going to the All-Star game.”

I think the infamous Juice summed this thing up best yesterday.

“Omar Infante must have pictures of Charlie Manuel’s wife doing a horse.”

The Braves are ecstatic about Infante’s selection and this does justify the value of a utility guy who can play multiple positions, hit righties and lefties, and just do whatever he is asked. Here is a good article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution talking about Infante and the other five Braves selected.

You can’t take anything away from Infante for his selection and that’s not what I’m trying to do here. But, that whole horse thing with Charlie Manuel’s wife had to play a big part in this.

Infante over Votto. You know, I just don’t get it.


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