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How Hurt was Cheick Kongo During His UFC 149 Showdown vs. Shawn Jordan?

Cheick Kongo didn't unleash his usual offensive attack at UFC 149: Faber vs. Barao against Shawn Jordan. The heavyweight contest was expected to be a highlight affair, but the majority of the contest was spent with the two clinching against the fence.

Now, in an interview with MMA Heat, Kongo reveals three injuries that caused his lackluster performance. Kongo was awarded the decision victory against Jordan.

"I dislocated my left and right shoulder and right clavicle. It's painful," Kongo said. "In training camp, I had good partners; they pushed me a lot, even with my injuries. They were not nice."

Kongo (18-7-2) has won 11 fights via knockout, and been defeated via KO twice. Of his 26 matches, he has been involved in nine decisions (5-4 record in those matches).

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