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How Good is Urban Meyer, Really?

Urban Meyer was introduced as head coach at Ohio State this week and already the talk has begun about if his style of offense will work in the Big Ten and how successful he will be…among other things.

Meyer has been a hit wherever he has been. His patented spread offense has produced a record of 104-23…which by all accounts is really good. Is it a gimmick? Was it because he had better players? Well yes to both is probably the best answer. Yet, let’s not dismiss that as a negative. If success makes something a gimmick then we can call it that. Nearly every college football team runs some type of spread offense based on quick passes and screens. Depending on the QB’s ability a running aspect is utilized and Urban recruited players to fit his scheme. Urban Meyer knows what it takes and he will put the players in the system.
Let’s take a look at what Urban did for his QB’s at Utah and Florida. One he recruited and one he did not.

1. Alex Smith
Under Meyer, Smith was everything you would want out of a college QB. Smith threw for over 5100 yds, 47 tds, and only 7 int’s in his two years with Meyer. He also ran for over 1000 yds and scored another 15 tds! Though not recruited by Meyer, he was able to create an offense for Smith’s abilities.

2. Tim Tebow
Tebow is arguably one of the greatest college players ever and some of that credit has to go to Meyer. Tebow threw for over 9200 yds, 88 tds, and only 16 int’s. A more prolific rusher, Tebow had over 2900 yds and 57 tds.

Coincidentally, these QB’s are 14-3 as starters this season in the NFL. So, yes Meyer’s offense produces great numbers but he also recruits great players. At Florida he had top 3 classes every year except 2009, #11 per Florida has not had issues recruiting before or after Meyer so the program does help. He will be going into a situation at Ohio State where the name recruits plenty. He may have to work through any possible sanctions rumors but if USC can have the #4 class in 2011 and #15 (so far) in 2012, Meyer should be able to make it. Of course, I find it completely far fetched the Buckeyes are looking at anything too severe because Meyer would not have agreed to take on a death warrant.

The Buckeyes will be back but the challenge will be if Meyer can recruit the speed and size he was blessed with at Florida to compete on a national level outside of the Big10. Also remember, wherever Urban goes Nicki is sure to visit!


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