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How Big of a Hit Did American Kickboxing Academy Take When Josh Koscheck Left?

American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) are still feeling the effects of Josh Koscheck's (17-6) sudden departure, according to friend and training partner Jon Fitch (23-4-1-1 NC).

Fitch supports both Koscheck and AKA head trainer Javier Mendez about their decision. Prior to the departure, Koscheck had trained with Mendez for the past eight years.

"We're still in the midst of all this," said Fitch. "We're still mending from it, but at the end of the day it's going to make our team stronger. I hate to lose Koscheck as a training partner, but he has to choose what was best for him. I have to support him and Javier too. What he says goes. You can't expect to attack the guy who owns the gym and to keep walking through the front door. I'm hopeful they work things out, but it may be awhile."

With the debut of Fight Factory on NUVOTV, Fitch knows when the matter goes public it won't help the situation.

"Even though some of the stuff we tried to put behind us, it's going to keep coming up," said Fitch. "It's a healing process. We're going to have to find people to pick up the space that Koscheck left behind because he was a good training partner to have in here. We're going to have to find somebody, on some level, to pick up the slack since he's gone now."

Fitch thinks everyone sided with Mendez on the issue and understands that Koscheck did what he considers best for himself.

"People are sad that Koscheck is gone, but we know he went because he thought that was best for him," said Fitch. "Everybody's on the same page here and looking to move forward."

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