How Badly Do The Philippines Want Andray Blatche? Enough To Create A Law For Him

Basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines, and the country is looking to give their citizens something to cheer about at the upcoming FIBA World Cup in August.

Since the Philippines isn’t exactly churning out elite players, legislators from the country are looking to lure some NBA players to their squad. They’ve got one player in particular who is almost a lock to play for them in the next cup. You ready for it?

Andray Blatche.

A little underwhelming, huh? Filipino head coach Chot Reyes said the country reached out to “a lot” of NBA players about coming to the country and Blatche was the only one who reciprocated the interest.

Filipino Senator Sonny Angara called Blatche “the best center from the NBA that we can get who is willing to shun more lucrative offers now and in the future just to be part of our national team.”

Since only citizens can play on a country’s national team, legislators have passed a law specifically for Blatche that will make him a citizen of the Philippines. After hearing that the bill passed unanimously, Blatche posted a tweet to his new country’s legislators saying “Thank you Congress!”

Enjoy him, you guys. As someone who used to watch him play every day, I can tell you you’ve got a few good plays mixed in with a hundred unbelievably bad ones coming your way. Blatche is cut from the same fabric as Nick Young and JaVale McGee, which means he’s a decent player when he’s on, but is also prone to making mistakes you would only expect a 10-year-old to make. Like this:


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