How Bad was Colts Manning in 2010?


To hear some people talk, Peyton Manning had a bad season in 2010. 

Let's see how many other guys have ever been so terrible.

  • Only seven men in history have ever thrown for 4700 yards and 30 touchdowns in a season: Marino, Brady, Fouts, Culpepper, Warner, Brees and Rivers. 
  • Only Brady, Culpepper, Warner, and Rivers did while completing 66% of their passes.
  • Only Brady and Culpepper did it with a lower interception rate.
  • Only five of those seasons came in a year in which the team won 10 games (Marino '84, Fouts '80/'81,Warner '01, Brady '07).  This matters because it means the QB wasn't just compiling stats in meaningless late season games (like Brees 2008 season).

So that means the only other season in history with:

4700 yards passing

30 Touchdown passes

66% Completion

Int rate of 2.5% or lower

AND a 10 win season...

is Tom Brady's 2007 season.

Pretty rough year, Peyton.

Note:  If we lower the threshold to 4500 yards, we add Manning's 2004 to this list.


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