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Houston Texans Need to Sit Matt Schaub, Insert TJ Yates

The time has come for the Houston Texans to sit down Matt Schaub, insert T.J. Yates into the starting lineup, and start scouring next year’s draft class for a quarterback that can take them where they want to go. Schaub has had plenty of time as quarterback of the Texans and he’s had some success, but the opportunity to take Houston to the next level has passed, and Schaub is showing signs of regressing, indicating that it’s time for the Texans to move forward with a different quarterback.

It’s time for the Texans to face the fact that Schaub has never been an elite quarterback, and he never will be. Last year was the only time he took the Texans to the playoffs, as it was Yates who completed the regular season and their playoff campaign in 2011. Schaub has put up some good numbers and won plenty of games in Houston because he’s a decent quarterback who had a good supporting cast around him, including Arian Foster, one of the top running backs in the NFL, and Andre Johnson, one of the league’s best wide receivers over the past decade. Without those great talents around him to help, Schaub wouldn’t have won half the games he’s won in Houston, and it would be obvious that he’s nothing more than a mediocre quarterback.

Schaub had his chance to make a statement in last year’s playoffs and was outplayed by Tom Brady in the divisional round. It was a game Schaub and the Texans had been building towards for years, but they lost it and now they both appear to be moving backwards. Shaub is no longer young (32), and not only is he not getting any better, but now he’s starting to do more harm than good, throwing a pick-six in four consecutive games. The moment to win with Schaub has passed, his skills are declining, and after his recent play and the criticism he’s taking from the Houston fans, his confidence is shattered. All are indications that it’s time for the Texans to move on from him.

No one’s saying that Yates is the long-term answer in Houston, but he’s younger than Schaub, and has the same number of playoff wins. Moreover, if the Texans want to give Yates a chance to see if he could possibly be their starter of the future, now is the time to give him that chance. Next year’s draft will be a great place to find a quarterback, and Houston needs to decide how seriously they’re going to be about drafting one, and to do that they need to find out what they have in Yates, as they should have already seen enough from Schaub to know they can’t continue to move forward with him.

Gary Kubiak seems intent on sticking with Schaub, at least for now, in part because his job may be on the line if the Texans can’t get things turned around and make a run at the playoffs. But with the way Schaub has played this season, Kubiak can’t afford to stick with him much longer, for the sake of both short-term and long-term interests. It’s time to face the facts, Schaub’s time as a viable starting quarterback in the NFL is all but over, and it’s time for the Texans to move forward without him.


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