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Houston Texans' Fans Yell at Quarterback Matt Schaub at his Home

Fans of the NFL's Houston Texans football team reportedly went to the home of Texans' quarterback Matt Schaub to yell at him for his poor passing.

Houston Police were contacted by the NFL, an unidentified source told "The Fred and Ted Show" on Tuesday, reports CBS Houston.

“A fan went to his house and told him off,” claimed the source.

A second fan allegedly took pictures of Schaub's family and posted the pics on Facebook.

The source said Schaub and the Houston Texans called NFL Security, which then called the Houston Police Department, but the unidentified fans had departed the home before the police arrived.

The Houston Texans have a had tough start this year with a 2-3 record.

Schaub has shouldered much of the blame, having set a new NFL record by being the first quarterback to have an interception returned for a touchdown in four consecutive games.

According toUSA Today, a local Houston restaurant is offering the “Matt Schaub Special” hamburger where customers “pick six” toppings and “pay dearly for it.”

"Pick Six" is a football phrase for when an opposing team member intercepts a pass and scores a touchdown.

After the Texans lost to the Seattle Seahawks, some fans burned a replica of Schaub's jersey, which was posted on YouTube.

Sources: CBS Houston, USA Today, YouTube


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