Houston Texans Fans' Airline Tickets Canceled by Prankster (Video)


Alice Rodriguez is a huge fan of the Houston Texans, so she was very estatic when her boyfriend surprised her with airline tickets to Jacksonville, Florida, to watch her beloved team play the Jaguars.

However, after her boyfriend Carlos posted a picture of the airline tickets on the Traveling Texans Facebook fan page, he got an unexpected email notice that the tickets had been canceled, noted Uproxx.com.

According to KHOU, a Twitter user with the handle "Duval Undertaker" saw the picture of the tickets on Facebook, called the airline, canceled the couple's flight and bragged about the dirty deed online.

Fortunately, the airline did reissue the tickets and the couple made their flight. While they flew to Florida, the story went viral.

"I had missed text messages, I had several Facebook messages. A lot of the Facebook messages were from Jags fans," recalled Rodriguez.

The couple was even invited to a Jaguars tailgating party.

"We got there and it was, like, unbelievable because everybody knew us! It was like, 'You are those Texan fans,'" added Rodriguez.

The couple also got sideline passes at the game. They are considering pressing charges against the prankster, who has closed his social media accounts.

Sources: Uproxx.com, KHOU


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