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Houshmandzadeh Bigger Diva for Bengals Than Ochocinco?

When it comes to wide receivers in Cincinnati who tend to make headlines with their mouth, the first person every one thinks of Chad Ochocinco. We personally love him and think he adds a lot to the sport. We’re also pretty sure that he can be a handful at times.

But, two sources tell Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports that by the end of the 2008 season, teammate T.J. Houshmandzadeh was the bigger diva. Apparently, his complaining got quite loud towards the end of that year when he was about to become a free agent.

“Nothing can be as bad as T.J.,” one of the sources said. “He thought he was the star by then. He forgot how he had got here.”

We aren’t completely surprised. He’s done a pretty good job of popping off in Seattle as well. He just seems to think that he’s much better than he is.

Eventually, it will grow old and tired with the Seahawks as well. Especially has the complaints get louder while his production starts slipping.


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