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MLB News: Joakim Soria a Yankee? Jeff Bagwell Steroids or Not?

Today’s baseball buzz is split between the fact that Joakim Soria revealed that he would definitely would waive his no trade clause to go to the Yankees and the fact that their seems to be a backlash against Jeff Bagwell’s Hall of Fame candidacy because the assumption is that he was a PED user.

As for Soria, he told the Mexican newspaper, Vanguard, that he would have no problem being dealt to the New York Yankees.

"There is a no-trade clause to the Yankees in my contract, but did not put it in myself,” Soria said. “My agent put it as a strategy, but if the Royals decide to move me to New York I would be happy to play with the Yankees or another team.”

One has to wonder if this comment will plant the same seed in the Royals head that Zack Greinke’s comment did which almost instantaneously triggered a trade before the Royals lost all their leverage.

Soria’s $6 million contract option for 2012 will vest automatically with 55 games finished in 2011. But if he’s traded to the Yankees Mariano Rivera is going to close the vast majority games (unless something goes drastically wrong) so one would think that the only way Soria would do that is if the Yankees were willing to rip up that deal and sign him to a long term deal giving him closer money. This is a perfect example of why a player would have a no-trade clause to a large market team or a team that already has a proven closer in place in his contract even if he would like to play for them. The no-trade is akin to a built in blackmail feature to get the acquiring club to give the player an extension of a new deal.

As for Jeff Bagwell, as expected, he denies being a PED user. Like we said last week however, Does it even matter if Jeff Bagwell was on steroids or not? - Mike Cardano

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