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2011 MLB Fantasy Tips and Breakdown

It's February and Spring Training is just around the corner. Dr. Roto will be here each week from here on out answering readers Fantasy Baseball questions. If you are on the fence about a player, would like some guidance and direction for your upcoming Fantasy Baseball Draft, or have a player you want to know if you should buy, sell or hold, send in your question and have them answered right here in Dr. Roto's next mid-week post.

Dr. Roto will also be answering some of your questions on-the-air in the mailbag portion of his popular Fantasy Baseball Blog Talk Radio Show at 10pm EST on Friday nights, so be sure to tune in live and listen for your question. If you can't hear the show live, we will put up a replay of the show here on the site each week that can be heard as a podcast where you can listen at your own convenience. If you would like to ask your question live on-th-air, give Doc a call @ (646) 915-9367 Friday evenings between at 10:00 - 10:15pm EST.

The Doctor is in...

Question #1: Best guess on Alex Gordon. Break through year, journeyman career, an inevitable disaster? – Zack, Mansfield, CT

  • Zack: Dr. Roto is torn when it comes to Alex Gordon. He could actually be all those things you mentioned rolled into one! Recently, Gordon has stated that he's been working with hitting coach, Kevin Seitzer to improve his swing. Let's see what happens in the Spring before we reach a final verdict. My gut tells me that we will see an uptick this year with Gordon, but not a breakout.

Question #2: Who is the better Orioles pitching prospect to keep an eye on, Jake Arrieta or Chris Tillman? – Jon, Alvin, TX

  • Jon: Both Tillman and Arrieta have been talked about (along with Brian Matusz) as future jewels in the Orioles pitching rotation. So far, though, both guys have under delivered. As far a stuff goes, I think that Tillman has better stuff. And as anyone can tell can never have enough stuff.

Question #3: What was the thinking behind trading for Vernon Wells? Where would you include Vernon in your draft pool? – Crafty, Los Angeles, CA

  • Crafty: A lot of people will tell you that there was not a lot of thinking being done in Anaheim with the Wells deal. But after the Angels lost out on Beltre and Crawford, they were pretty desperate to get something done. Wells is a 32 year old player with a huge contract. I think Wells will do a decent job this year and next, but by the time he hits the last year or two of his deal, I think you will see him regress. Put Wells down for another 20/20 season for 2011.

Question #4: If Albert Pujols does not get a deal before the season starts, do you feel that will affect his play either negatively, positively or not at all? – Joe, Union City, NJ

  • Joe: Not at all. Pujols is a monster and knows he will get a huge payday regardless of whether he signs now or at season's end.

Question #5: Will Ian Stewart be a star in the league or is what we've seen what we'll see? – Nick, Tucker, GA

  • Nick: As Denny Green says on the Coors commerical: "They were who we thought they were." Similarly, Stewart is exactly who you think he is. He is a low average, good power hitter who will one day end up in a platoon because he struggles against lefties.

Question #6: I see that Chris Ray signed a minor league contract with Seattle. Does he have a chance to close? - Roy, Nanuet, NY

  • Roy: At one time in his career, Dr. Roto thought that the former William and Mary star would be a reliable closer, however, those days are long past. Look elsewhere for your saves.

Question #7: With Billy Wagner gone, who is the closer in Atlanta, Jonny Venters or Craig Kimbrel? – Seth, Redondo Beach, CA

  • Seth: Dr. Roto has a strong feeling that you will see both guys get some saves in Atlanta, but Kimbrel should get the bulk of them. Venters is a lefty. Which means that when teams bring up their lefty hitters in the 8th inning, the Braves are going to use Venters to get those all important outs. Think of Venters as J.P. Howell from years past: great numbers, a few wins, and a smattering of saves.

Question #8: Is J.A. Happ worth $13? – Casey, Piqua, OH

  • Casey: Unhappily, I do not think he is worth the money. Happ is a flyball pitcher in a flyball park.

Question #9: What are your projections for Colby Rasmus in 2011? – Rick, Denver, CO

  • Rick: Let's put Rasmus down for .265/25/85/90/10 for this season. If he can just avoid arguing with LaRussa, those numbers may be even a bit conservative.

Question #10: Do you think Josh Beckett will bounce back and have a productive fantasy year? IS $10-$11 too much to bid on him? – Simon, East Alton, IL

  • Simon: Feeling lucky this year? If so, take a shot with Beckett. He plays on a team with a terrific offense and a great bullpen. He has the ability to give you $20 worth of numbers if he is the right frame of mind. That said, don't go spending too much on him!

Overseas question of the week: In a pretty competitive 14-team head-to-head league I have to select 4 keepers for the upcoming season. I am considering Adam Dunn, Ian Kinsler, Justin Morneau, Nelson Cruz, C.C. Sabathia and Ubaldo Jimenez - what would be your advice? – Tom, Germany

  • Tom: Gutten Morgen! Thanks for your question all the way from Deutchland. Dr. Roto would keep: Cruz, Sabathia, and Jimenez for sure. I would not keep Morneau, as I am not sure he is 100% after his injury. As for the 4th guy...I like Dunn, but he could end up hitting .240. I like Kinsler too, but his power really dropped off last year. My gut tells me to keep Kinsler, as second base is harder to fill and Kinsler will give you good speed/runs/average. Good luck!

The Doctor is out...

Tune in to Dr. Roto's Fantasy Baseball Podcast's LIVE on Blog Talk Radio, Friday evenings at 10:00PM EST. To have your questions answered on the air call (646) 915-9367. For those of you that can't listen to the show live, we'll broadcast each show here on the site as a podcast each week.

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