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Will LeBron James, Miami Heat Embarrass Cavs Fans Yet Again?

I hope LeBron James does that asinine powder-toss thing when the Miami Heat visits the Cleveland Cavaliers today. In fact, I hope LeBron brings out Jim Gray and does a 30-minute interview before tip-off. Something, anything to further twist the knife he plunged into the back of Cavs fans this past summer.

Cavaliers fans deserve nothing less if they don’t plan to stand up and vehemently boo the heck out of this guy every time he falls within their scope of vision.

The idea that folks in attendance for this upcoming game shouldn’t taunt, boo or laugh at a man who made them a running joke for the entire country is beyond stupid. If anything, it just further speaks to the perception that the rest of America has about Cleveland sports fans – they’re confused, strange and wouldn’t know a winner if it bit them in the you-know-what.

Do you know how LeBron is going treat this return to his old stomping grounds that folks in Cleveland are in a tizzy about? Like it’s nothing. Cavaliers fans, the city of Cleveland, all this hype – it means nothing to him. If someone hadn’t mentioned that he probably shouldn’t do his infamous powder-toss before this game, he probably wouldn’t have realized that this match-up was anything out of the ordinary.

The poor guy doesn’t like to be inconvenienced, reflect on the past or change his routine for anything.

Recently, TNT’s Reggie Miller came out and said LeBron should treat this whole experience like a “gladiator” and use it to fuel his fire.

Use what, exactly?

He didn’t even care enough about the people in Cleveland to...

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