MMA Analysis: James Toney vs. Ken Shamrock


For those who thought that heavyweight, emphasis on heavyweight, boxer James Toney would have learned his lesson about dipping your toe into waters unfamiliar to you, well, I guess it should come as no surprise that the rotund former heavyweight champion is back for more MMA. was the first to break the news that IBA (whatever spare sanctioning organization that is) heavyweight champion James Toney has agreed to face MMA bipolar legend Ken Shamrock in an MMA bout. 

Good God, this cannot end well.

Toney was able to goad the UFC into giving him a hefty payday to easy get choked out at the hands of Randy Couture at UFC 118.  Leading up to the promotion, Toney fanned the flames of the non-argument regarding which sport is superior: boxing or MMA.  For a fighter who takes painstaking pride in his craft of the “sweet science,” Toney was dismissive and oblivious to the demands of MMA.  Needless to say, he was summarily defeated in effortless fashion thanks to a Couture arm triangle. 

But that was against Couture, a man was too dignified to be talked into trying to stand up and bang with Toney.  Shamrock, on the other hand, is crazy enough to actually think he can swap leather with the former champion.  This makes the fight intriguing in a train wreck sort of way.

But, make no mistake; this fight is a complete circus sideshow.  Both fighters are over the hill and neither one has big paydays on the horizon.  It’s the sad tale of the fighter who hangs around too long, only this story has a twist in which both fighters fit the mold albeit in different sports.  I’m not calling this fight an affront to the fighting gods, but it comes pretty damn close.


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