Hockey Coach Drops F-Bombs on Reporter (Video)


The Sudbury Wolves were defeated by the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds last night 7-2 in the Ontario Hockey League. With that loss, the Wolves fell to 1-10 for the season.

After the game, CTV reporter Lincoln Louttit said to Wolves head coach Paul Fixter, "I thought you guys worked hard," but Peter Ruicci, a reporter with the Sault Star, began questioning the team's work ethic, noted

Coach Fixter replied, "Well that's your opinion there, that's your opinion. We worked hard. There you go. Good for you, what's the question?"

Ruicci asked, "Did you work hard?"

According to CBS Sports, Fixter shouted, "F--- you! Don't you f----- talk to me like that!"

Ruicci replied that he was trying to conduct an interview.

Fixter later apologized on

I apologize for my use of profanity after last evening's loss to the Greyhounds. I could have chosen my words more carefully, however, I stand by my players, the organization and the fans of the Sudbury Wolves Hockey Club. The coaching staff is a passionate group and we feel the stress of losing. We are working diligently to strive to improve our record and make the fans of the Sudbury Wolves proud.

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