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History Says Lions will Beat Packers on Thanksgiving

Let's set the scene -- the 10-0 defending champion Green Bay Packers head into Detroit to take on the second-place Lions in a Thanksgiving Day matchup. Yes, this will happen on Thursday, but the exact same thing happened in 1962, and the Packers lost.

The Lions were able to overcome Green Bay 26-14 in a game The New York Times now calls "one of the more stunning losses of the Vince Lombardi era."

Can history repeat itself 49 years later? 

"I think the Pack could be in for it," said Roger Brown, who was a defensive lineman for the Lions in that game.

The Packers might hope it does.

“That Thanksgiving game was the best thing to happen to the ’62 Packers,” said Keith Dunnavant, author of a book about Packers quarterback Bart Starr. That's because the team was able to focus on winning the championship rather than going undefeated.

Indeed, Green Bay would not lose again and went on to repeat as NFL champs five weeks later.

Following that loss to the Lions, the legendary Lombardi said what current Packers head coach Mike McCarthy could soon be saying.

“You didn’t think we were going to win them all, did you?” The Times said he asked reporters with a smile.


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