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No Surprise: Dolphins Marshall Dealing with Another Domestic Assault

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall is back in the news for yet another domestic situation, this time with reports that his wife of less than one year, Michi Marshall, allegedly stabbed him with a kitchen knife in self-defense. It is still unclear as to exactly what happened as it was first thought that the NFL star was injured by a broken vase or lamp, though even if that were the case, how did the item get broken in the first place while simultaneously injuring Mr. Marshall.

The couple has been arrested prior to this incident for an occurrence in Atlanta in 2009 where the couple was found to be physically accosting one another outside of their condo building. It seems as though it doesn’t matter who with or where this guy is shacking up, he just can’t keep it cool and collected.

Marshall has a history of getting himself in legal trouble, including numerous reports of domestic assault. Back in 2007 when he played for the Denver Broncos, Marshall was the subject of three domestic violence calls in just three months during his relationship with then girlfriend, Rasheedah Watley. This lead to a one game suspension during the 2008-2009 NFL season, which had been reduced from an original three game suspension.

No one can say for sure yet what exactly happened the other night between Marshall and his wife, though if he did in fact assault her or make her fear for her safety, something needs to be done to get this guy some help. He obviously has not had appropriate repercussions for his actions as he has not done any jail time, as the courts found that no single action warranted such punishment. As far as the NFL, when they had the chance to step in and do something about Marshall’s behavior, they for whatever reason only sought to hit him a bit in the pocketbook, which is like punishing a five year old by taking away one piece of candy when the kid has 100 of them.

It also must not be overlooked that Marshall’s wife could in fact be using his past against him and claim self-defense knowing that she would most likely be believed because of Marshall’s prior record.  Whatever the case may be, it looks like the NFL Lockout may have produced yet another casualty and the Miami Dolphins and the NFL have one more thing on their plate to worry about going into the 2011 NFL  Draft.

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