History All But Guarantees A Heat Win Tonight

I’m not about to advocate gambling here, but if, hypothetically speaking, you were to place a bet on tonight’s Pacers – Heat game, you’d be very wise to put your money on the Heat.

Why is that?

The Heat just about never lose two playoff games in a row. Seriously. In the Big Three era, they’re 19-3 in games following a playoff loss. They’re undefeated in the last ten of these games. Sounds like a pretty reliable trend to me.

The Big Three era Heat have only been down by two games once in a series, and that was against Dallas in the 2011 Finals. Since then, you can all but guarantee that the Heat will both A: not let you get a two game lead in a series, and B: not lose two games in a row.

Pacers coach Frank Vogel is well aware of this.

“We know what they're capable of,” Vogel said. “We know they've lost Game 1s before and won series before, it’s well-documented. They're the champs. We need to get Game 2.” 

The Pacers have been up one game on the Heat in a series before. It happened in 2012, when Indiana grabbed a 2-1 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals .You know what happed in game four? LeBron scored 40 points, Wade scored 30, and the Heat won both that game and the series.

I’m not guaranteeing a Miami win tonight. But if history is any indication, this is about as sure a bet as there is in sports. 


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