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'Hip-Show' Is The Strangest Sports Show On Television

You never cease to amaze, Russia.

Producers out in Moscow are proud to present to you Hip Show: Arena Combat. The show is a wacky blend of MMA and American Gladiators that will leave you incredibly confused and possibly entertained.

On Hip Show, players from 2-on-2 teams chase each other around wild obstacles and then beat each other up MMA style. There’s also a point system that I don’t fully understand, but I don't think that matters.

The show is currently shown on AXS TV. AXS headman and NBA owner Mark Cuban says he has high hopes for the show despite admitting it was one of the weirdest pitches he’s ever seen.

Curious to see what this ridiculous show looks like? Here you go:

AXS Fights CEO Andrew Simon believes the show has big potential.

"At first I wasn’t sure how traditional MMA audiences would react," Simon said. "Hip Show has MMA components, athleticism and frenetic craziness. I showed clips to fight fans, fighters and other TV executives and the reaction was the same. They all thought it was awesome and they wanted to see more.”


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