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Hilarious: Clippers Owner Sterling Taunts Baron Davis

This one is just too easy.

It appears as though Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has finally come around on the general consensus that his team sucks more than a Hoover Deluxe and should be booed, jeered and taunted at all costs. He’s embraced that philosophy so much, that according to Yahoo Sports he’s taken to doing much of the berating from his courtside seat.

What are some of the insults that he’s thrown out?

Why are you in the game?

Why did you take that shot?

You’re out of shape!

Incidentally, all those jokes work for Shaquille O’Neal too if fans want something to yell when the Boston Celtics come to L.A. Funny how that works.

Nevertheless, the owner -- who has made a career out of not paying the players he should be paying, and then paying the players he shouldn’t be paying -- seems unimpressed with Davis who he expected to be a star when he signed him to a five-year, $65 million contract in the summer of 2008.

This year, Davis came into camp out of shape, got injured almost immediately because of it, missed 14 of the Clippers’ 25 games, and has been averaging a paltry 7.4 points per game. Those stats...

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