High Schooler Throws Down Free Throw Line Dunk (Video)


High school player Shelby McEwen pulled off one of the all-time cool basketball stunts last week: a dunk from the free throw line.

McEwen threw down the dunk during the Jordan Brand First to Fly Dunk Contest. The competition was full of ridiculous dunks, but McEwen’s definitely takes the cake.

The first person to popularize the free throw line dunk was Julius Erving in the 1984 slam dunk contest. Jordan did the dunk again four years later, and it’s been one of the most attempted – and most failed – jams ever since.

As ridiculously hard as the jump is to pull off, McEwen made it look easy. If you pause the video at his takeoff, you can see that he’s fully behind the free throw line. Very impressive.

Here’s video of McEwen's dunk along with all the best highlights from the contest. McEwen’s jam starts at the 0:48 second mark:


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