High School Students Yell 'We Want Slurpees' At Indian Basketball Player (Video)


During a high school basketball game between Brighton, NY and Pittsford Sutherland, NY last Friday, students from Pittsford Sutherland's "Super Fan" club mocked one of Brighton's players.

The students chanted "We want Slurpees" while the player, of Indian descent, shot free throws, notes RochesterHomepage.net (video below).

The Slurpee insult was in reference to the stereotype of Indian people owning 7-Eleven stores, which sell the drink.

The student who led the chant was immediately removed from the game.

School superintendents Kevin McGowan, of Brighton, and Mike Pero, of Pittsford Sutherland, released a joint statement:

We were very disappointed to learn of this incident. We have been working with our colleagues in both districts throughout the weekend to address intolerant and unacceptable fan behavior. That work continues today. The students involved took full responsibility for their behavior, and attempts are being made to right this wrong between the students and to address the long- term learning that can arise from the disappointing behaviors of a few.

"We're trying to find that balance between appropriately disciplining someone who was in a leadership role and finding a way to find the right type of discipline for those who were in the follower-type role,” Pero told WHAM.

Pero said the important thing is “that the boy that was at the foul line would know and feel a little better that the student at Pittsford did not mean harm.”

Pero claims the student, who led the racist cheer, wrote a “heartfelt apology” that was shared with the Brighton School District.

Sources: WHAM and RochesterHomepage.net


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