High School Quarterback Stands Almost 7 Feet Tall (Video)


Logan Routt, the quarterback for Cameron High School in W. Va., stands 6-foot-11.

Routt only weighs 220 pounds so he's far from being a giant weight-wise. He also has to dodge defenders going for his knees and legs (video below).

According to SBNation.com, Routt is 3 inches taller than Dan McGwire, who is the tallest NFL quarterback ever.

"He is a legit 6-11," Cameron High School coach Scott Holt told MaxPreps.com.

Routt also plays basketball and made third team all-state honors for West Virginia's Class A. The high schooler was also all-state honorable mention as a baseball pitcher and first baseman. Routt is so popular that even fans of opposing teams want pictures taken with him.

Ironically, Routt's favorite wide receiver is teammate Dalton Wood, who stands only 5-5.

So far this season, Routt has thrown for about 800 yards and rushed for one touchdown.

Sources: SBNation.com, MaxPreps.com


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