High School Girl Breaks Basketball Rim With Free Throw (Video)


A basketball rim suddenly fell to the floor during a tournament game at Hickory High School in Pennsylvania this week.

The game between General McLane and Mercer High Schools was delayed for 45 minutes after Kelsey Swartz missed a free throw, but brought down the rim, noted TheBleacherReport.com (video below).

In another amazing basketball feat, Ivan Canete, Bobby Conley and Jarrel Marshall of Palm Beach State College staged a wild alley-oop basket during the Daytona State Classic today (video below).

According to FirstCoastNews.com, Canete passed the ball to Conley who made the alley-oop pass to Marshall who dunked the ball against Pitt Community College.

Sources: FirstCoastNews.com, TheBleacherReport.com
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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