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High School Football Star Yuri Wright Expelled over Racially Insensitive, Sexist Tweets

Despite being regarded as one of the best high school cornerbacks in the nation, Ramsey (N.J.) Don Bosco Prep star Yuri Wright was suspended on Thursday for a series of racially insensitive, sexist tweets. The monster-in-making, highly-touted 6-2 lockdown defender was being recruited by many big time universities, but according to Rivals, had narrowed the candidates list down to Michigan, Georgia, Notre Dame, Rutgers and Colorado.

Michigan withdrew its offer shortly after the expulsion, and many of the other schools that chased Wright are expected to go the same route.

Because of the explicit nature of a lot of Wright’s tweets, we can’t list them here. But our friends over at Chat Sports [Ed. Note: This previously incorrectly stated Sports Grid] have listed them out verbatim, so you can check them out there. Here is one we can list (screen grab viaChat Sports) to give you a taste of the kind of stuff the youngster was posting:

This whole incident has sparked a brand new debate about the role of social media in recruiting. Wright’s account had been set to private, which theoretically means that only people he approved to read the messages could read the messages. Unfortunately, he had over 1,500 people following him – so it wasn’t just a situation where only close friends were reading the things he sent out.

That being said, it’s equally valid to point out that people are entitled to freedom of expression. Plus, a teenager not even out of high school saying outrageous things is probably moreso indicative of immaturity (which can be fixed) than true, hateful beliefs in things.

Bottom line, though – Wright’s high school and Michigan cut ties with him for what happened, and that may just be the tip of the iceberg.

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