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High School Football Coach Matt Labrum Suspends Entire Team (Video)

There have been many news reports of high school and college football coaches choosing to look the other way when one of their players misbehaves or even breaks the law.

However, high school coach Matt Labrum is the exception. He actually suspended his entire team on Sept. 20 because of bullying, academic and attitude problems (video below).

Labrum, who coaches at Union High School in Roosevelt, Utah, heard that members of his team were cyber-bullying a student.

In a moment of Tom Landry-like discipline, Labrum told his 80-player team to turn in their jerseys.

“It just felt like everything was going in a direction that we didn’t want our young men going. We felt like we needed to make a stand. We were looking at football as a right, rather than a privilege" Labrum told KSL.

Labrum also met with the bullied student, who was harassed by the players on, and apologized for his team, noted Deseret News.

One day after issuing the mass suspension, Labrum allowed the team to reform.

While that may sound like a contradiction, Labrum required the players to sign a contract to earn playing time.

The players have to attend counseling sessions and study hall sessions.

They must also to do two days of community service, which includes pulling weeds, cleaning school hallways, washing windows and visiting old folks in nursing homes.

“I think it’s going to bring our team closer. I think we’re going to be more accountable, not only for ourselves, but for our buddy next to us,” said Labrum.

Sources: KSL and Deseret News


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