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NBA Analysis: Rockets Need to Chase Al Jefferson

With Deron Williams on the move, Nene Hilario likely staying put in Denver, why not go after hey hey hey…Fat Albert?  Jerry Sloan is out.  The face of the Jazz franchise is out.  It looks like they are starting the rebuilding era in Utah.  Thank goodness I am done with facing that team come playoff time.  With the recent addition of Derrick Favors, is there really any reason why Utah needs Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson, AND Favors on the same team?  The answer is a resounding no, and now that Utah got the coveted Favors (which I don’t get), they can use their other two big men as leverage for another deal.

Jefferson is a bit small to play the center position, at 6’10’’, but when he wants to he can be on of the best players on the court.  At 26, he is reaching the peak of his career putting up another solid season statistically: 17.4 PPG, 9.1 RPG, and 1.9 BLKPG.  His shooting numbers have slipped, as he is shooting the worst FG% of his career, but looking at his shot selection he is getting away from what is he more comfortable doing in Utah, which is scoring in the paint.  In the pick n roll system, Jefferson is having to rely on his jump shot a lot more which is hurting his field goal percentage.  Sure he isn’t putting up 20+ points a game like he was doing in Minnesota, but that is because he didn’t have to in Utah with Deron Williams at the helm.  It is nice to know when called upon he can take the scoring load on his shoulders.

Another reason to get Fat Al in a deal is so he doesn’t take the court against the Rockets.  In the latest string of Rockets killers on the Jazz, Al has done quite a number on Houston in the past.  For his career Jefferson averages 19.8 PPG (2nd highest against opponents) and 12.4 RPG (highest against opponents). This season, against the Rockets he averages 22 PPG, 12.5 RPG, on 57.6% shooting.  I was there in person to witness his 26 points 26 rebound performance when he was on the T-Wolves.  When motivated, the boy can play.


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