Herschel Walker Discusses MMA in Dallas


For years Herschel Walker made a career of brutalizing opposing team’s defensive schemes on the gridiron.  These days Walker channels his aggression in other ways, namely by punching opponents in the face. 

Walker is best recognized around these parts for his exploits as a running back for the Dallas Cowboys and in his 13 year career in the NFL rushed for over 8,000 yards.  However, at the advanced age of 48, Walker is beginning a new chapter in his life as a mixed martial arts fighter.

With an undefeated professional record of 2-0, with both wins coming by way of technical knockout, Walker still is learning the ropes of prizefighting.  Currently training out of the respected American Kickboxing Academy fight camp in San Jose, California, Walker has been fighting under the Strikeforce promotional banner since January 2010. 

In addition to mixing it up in the cage, Walker has become an ambassador of sorts for the sport of MMA.  Walker was instrumental in helping drumming up interest in Saturday night’s Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix at the American Airlines Center.  The event will go down as a success as 7,639 attended the promotion headlined by Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem besting Fabricio Werdum with a three round unanimous decision in a fight that was largely devoid of any real sustained action. 

“I was happy to see Alistair win,” said Walker after the fight.  “You know, the fans were booing and my thing is that the objective of this thing is to win, not to go out and impress the fans and people don’t understand that.”

Walker continued, “You just have to go out there and win.  You have one of the best jiu-jitsu guys in the world that wants you to go to the ground and [Overeem] was smart not to go.  Some people would have fallen into that trick and tried to impress the fans.”

Walker is an unabashed fan of mixed martial arts and firmly believes that Dallas can become a destination for large-scale MMA promotions.

“This is a great, great town for sports and I think that MMA is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the world, not just in America,” said Walker. “I want to see the fans here support it so I want to see more fights come here.  I think the fans love it and they will support it.  We would love to see more UFC fights, more Strikeforce fights, just more MMA fights here in Dallas.”

With his last fight taking place over six months ago, Walker is eager to resume his fighting career.  He has already returned to American Kickboxing Academy to begin to get back in fighting shape though no fight has yet been finalized. 

“I’m getting back into the gym,” stated Walker.  “I’m back working and we got a lot of guys in the gym working like Daniel Cormier and these quality guys.  That’s what I’m trying to do, get in good work.”

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