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Would Calipari Leave Kentucky for Knicks, NBA?

As long as John Calipari is coaching, his name will always be mentioned when talking about coaching vacancies. Especially, the more prestigious positions in the NBA like Miami or New York City.

Well, with the Knicks struggling ever since they acquired Carmelo Anthony, the talks are already surfacing.

HoopsWorld – The New York Post’s Peter Vecsey wrote that Kentucky coach John Calipari, who is represented by William Wesley of Creative Artists Agency, is being considered as a coach and president of the New York Knicks. CAA same agency represents Carmelo Anthony, so it’s not a stretch to think that Calipari could have his foot in the door.

What is surprising are the roles he would fill with the team—Coach and President of Basketball Operations. That implies that Mike D’Antoni and Donnie Walsh, who is still waiting to see if the Knicks pick up his option, would be out of midtown at seasons end.

“According to a team executive, who knows a thing or two about a thing or two regarding goings-on behind the screens, believes [Knicks owner James] Dolan may have eyes for John Calipari….to run the front office and coach,” Vecsey wrote. “Do I have confirmation on this? No. I unsuccessfully reached out to Calipari and left a message why I was calling. Does it make sense? Yes, especially in view of Dolan’s disinclination to do right by Walsh.”

Vecsey points to are the fact that Knicks scout Mark Warktentien and 2012 free agent Chris Paul are both CAA clients as his primary supporting evidence.

“What’s more,” Vecsey continues, “Calipari is represented by William [World Wide] Wesley who works for Creative Artists Agency, Hollywood’s most powerful entertainment agency. One of its many patrons is Chris Paul, who figures to be on the market within a matter of months. Wes also reps Mark Warkentien, current part-time Knicks scout and former Nuggets’ VP; it’s felt he’d caddy for Cal in the office.”

These type of talks will never stop. Never. But, it confuses me to think that the Knicks actually believe that they may possibly need Calipari to entice Chris Paul to play in the Big Apple. Why would he not want to play in New York City?

Calipari’s biggest asset as a college coach is his ability to recruit and that ability to recruit is based on his track record of preparing talented players for the NBA. In the NBA, that assett pretty much goes to the wayside. Sure, he can help entice players like Paul or others to play for him, but in the NBA that strength can only take you so far.

Plus, have you seen the recruiting class he has coming in next year? Not bad.

I just don’t see him leaving.


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