Here is Steve Francis’ Brand New Rap Video


Steve Francis had one of the most fascinating basketball careers in recent memory. After going to war with the Vancouver Grizzlies in the seconds after they decided to draft him, Francis was eventually shipped to the Houston Rockets before the 1999-00 season. As a member of the Rockets, Francis -- despite some injury problems -- had a number of wildly successful seasons, made numerous All-Star Game appearances and officially established himself as one of the NBA’s most fun-to-watch players.

In 2004, Houston traded Francis to the Orlando Magic so that they could focus the offense more on Yao Ming. Despite initially being salty about the move, Francis actually wound up having a great first year with his new team. Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there. In later years, during his time with the Magic, New York Knicks and Rockets (again), he was a complete non-factor.

In 2010, he signed to play in China and then proceeded to be embarrassingly awful down there as well.

Which brings us to the here and now. What’s Francis doing these days?

This video explains it better than we ever could (via SB Nation):

He always did love the finer things.

(Kudos to SB Nation for the find)

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