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Here is a College Football Playoff Selection Committee Idea Everyone Can Get Behind

As the leaders of college football's top conferences desperately search for a way to screw up the newest version of the sport's postseason, and they will screw it up, one of the ideas being thrown around is that of an independent committee to determine who gets into the proposed four-team playoff.  This, of course, is assuming they go with the top four-teams plan, which isn't a lock because the most reasonable plan rarely gets selected when multiple people are trying to protect their interests and give not two shits about what is reasonable.

Like the NCAA basketball tournament selection committee, the football playoff committee would probably be made up of former coaches, administrators, and other hanger-ons, who would use their vast knowledge of and experience in the sport to make non-biased selections (HAHAHA NOPE) for the four playoff spots.  Bobby Bowden and Phil Fulmer have offered their services because of course they would, especially Fulmer, who has literally contacted every single HR department in America this year.  JUST GO WORK AT YOUR LOCAL ACE HARDWARE OR SOMETHING ALREADY.  STOP SAYING YOU'RE INTERESTED IN EVERYTHING.  IT'S UNDERSTOOD (note to self:  Sitcom with a hillbilly former football coach working at a small town hardware store).

Anyway, no one has said how many people will be on the committee or on what their appointments will be based.  Odds are the committee will have something like 21 members, because simplicity is abhorred by administrator types, and the reasons for appointment will be that he/she's been involved in college athletics for 20-plus years and the Sugar Bowl guys really like him/her.

Now, that may sound like a terrible way to form a committee, but that is the way all committees are formed.  Overpopulated and under qualified.  Those are the rules written in the administrator handbook.

But it doesn't have to be this way.  It's possible to get take some of the stale administrative ideas on committees and combine them with efficiency and old school money handlers to maintain the air of corruption in college football's postseason.  This way, people can enjoy the rare bursts of efficiency from those in charge, administrators can still get college football lifers involved, and the bowl representatives have someone to give their money to in order to stay relevant.

On my committee, there are only five members.  Four coaches who have been around a long time and know a thing or a million about handling money, and a former athletic director who knows all about beaurocracy and overseeing those who like to operate in a charcoal area.

The coaches:

Barry Switzer

Jackie Sherrill

Phil Fulmer

Pay Dye

The former athletic director and chair of the committee:

Warner Alford

Now that's the kind of golfing buddies attitude this committee needs!  Those four coaches need no explanation as to their inclusion, but Alford may be a tougher sell.  He was Ole Miss's AD from 1978-1994, oversaw two periods of probation brought on BY THE SAME COACH (the second of which was the worst penalty handed down since SMU got the death penalty), and did his part in ensuring that the good ol' boy network would cripple Ole Miss for years to come. 

Admittedly, there aren't many good reasons to include Alford on the committee.  I'm just looking for a way to make sure that it is impossible for Ole Miss to give him another job, like they did from 2004-2008 when they made him head of the alumni association, despite the stink of probation and sanctions that wrecked football for four years in the mid '90s. 

Of all the schools out there, WHY OLE MISS, HEART AND BRAIN?  WHY DID YOU BETRAY ME SO? 

Anywho, Switzer and Sherrill on that committee would be one of the best moves college football has ever made.

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