Here Are Some Ridiculous Aroldis Chapman Statistics


We’ve talked before about the rocket launcher known as Aroldis Chapman’s left arm. Simply put, Chapman consistently throws at high speeds in a way the MLB has never seen before.

Today, USA Today sports writer Ted Berg dug up some statistics showing just how ridiculous Chapman’s arm is. Get this: Chapman has thrown more than twice as many 100+ mph fastballs than the rest of the MLB combined. His average fastball this year is over 100 mph. No one else in the majors comes close to that. Since 2008, Chapman has hit 103 mph on the radar gun 36 times. Only two other pitchers have hit that speed, and they each only did it once.

ESPN sorted through and published some stats on Chapman too. Here are some good ones.

Chapman has 89 strikeouts in 45 2/3 innings this year, giving him a 17.54 strikeout/per nine innings ratio. That accomplishment blows the current record – Craig Kimbrel’s 16.66 strikeouts/per nine innings in 2012 – out of the water.

Chapman has faced 173 hitters this season and struck out 89 of them, meaning he strikes out more than half of the people he faces. He also averages over 4 strikeouts for every hit he gives up.

Accomplishing even one of these feats would be incredible. But if you head over to the aforementioned articles, you’ll see that Chapman has a seemingly endless list of these mind-blowing statistics.

Cardinals third basemen Matt Carpenter summed up best what it’s like facing Chapman.

“The worst feeling,” Carpenter said, “is when he throws one and you foul it off, and you go, `Oh man, that was hard.’ And then you look up and you go, `Oh no, it’s 99.’ And you’re like, `Oh no. There’s more there.’ We were talking about this the other day, me and a couple of other guys. There are guys that throw 100. But then there are guys whose 100 miles an hour looks like 125. And that’s what his is like.” 


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