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Henry Dhabasani Loses Home In Bet That Arsenal Would Beat Manchester United

A man in Uganda felt so confident that Arsenal was going to beat Manchester United in the Premier League Champions that he bet his house on it. Not a smart move.

Henry Dhabasani bet his friend Rashid Yiga that Arsenal would win, but even though Dhabasani’s house was on the line, Yiga was apparently just as confident in Manchester’s chance at winning because he bet his wife and his Toyota Premio car.

Well, now Dhabasani is in a lot of trouble, because Arsenal wound up losing to Manchester, which means that he, his three wives, and his five children are all homeless. The wager was apparently put in writing by the two and was witnessed by the community so that neither of them could back out of the deal. When the game ended in Manchester’s 1-0 win, Dhabasani reportedly fainted.

To make matters worse for the man, Dhabasani was left with no time to even process what he did, because the next day, Manchester United fans stormed his house and forced him, his three wives, and his five children out. It’s safe to say that neither of the men will probably be betting again any time soon.


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